Skrill Payment Option

A well-known and respected brand for money transfers, Skrill (the new Moneybookers) has been helping people allocate their funds for more than a decade. Their ever growing portfolio includes many services and utilities used by a majority of people in over 200 countries and are fast expanding to include even more in recent years. As an e-wallet provider, they are one of the most sought after brands on the market and are widely known for their highly professional and ethical treatment of their consumers (their recent problems with a duplicate site that wanted to exploit their users has been swiftly investigated and resolved).

In order to demonstrate all the properties that constitute Skrill and make a brief guide of their policy, facilities and functions, we will be examining their online portfolio and how they differentiate from the competition. It is also worth mentioning their connection to online gambling as a primary concern for many online players who may want to try it out for those exact purposes. Let’s begin. Founded back in 2001, Skrill (or Moneybookers then) has managed to snatch a great portion of the money transferring market in just over a decade. They managed that by completely streamlining the process for creating an account and signing up for one of their services. Skrill’s website and online services are one of the easiest recommend and get into.

Well organized and completely functional, the site offers every bit of information about online money transfer as well as using an e-wallet, credit card or other service. Of great importance is their connection and partnership with gambling companies, a venture we will examine next. In order to keep up with the demand for online payments for casino and other players, Skrill offers and maintains a fully customizable, easy to use and secure experience, with their trademark Skrill gambling solutions. It is a partnership with global gambling companies that is meant to benefit both the players (0 fees and bonuses when depositing via Skrill) and companies (Chargeback protection and irreversible instant deposits). The offer also includes a VIP lounge that rewards players with extra bonuses and cash back rewards.

Availability and services

Primarily situated in Europe, Skrill have been amassing a huge 35 million users over 5 continents and 200 countries, using 40 currencies. This huge following is using one of several of their trademark services like Skrill’s Digital Wallet (e-wallet solution), Direct Payment Processing, Pay by installments and more, available on their web site.

The most sought out service is their award winning “Prepaid Master Card” which offers FREE shopping and withdrawal with no monthly fees, is available in EUR, GBP, PLN and USD and comes in a variety of options (for Personal or Business account) and more. Skrill’s Bank-level security abides by the Payments Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS Level 1) and it is one of the most secure and hacker-free platforms online. Ever since the attempt to fool Skrill’s users with the creation of a fake site, Skrill has been ruthlessly enforcing strict protocols to ensure stability and security for all users.