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What is the game of Blackjack?

Black is known in 2 names: “Blackjack” and “Twenty One” (21), the game of Blackjack is one of the world’s most popular card games that are played at homes, lounges and casinos. The game of Blackjack is popular because it includes mixed elements of skills (such as card counting, and the art of faking).

Blackjack Rules:

Blackjack hand result are counted by their total points, the hand with the highest total sum wins as long as it doesn’t passes the number 21. The cards 2 to 10 are worth as the same value, the higher face cards (King, Queen and Jack) worth 10 points and Ace worth 11 points unless the card of Ace causes the player to get busted which in this case the card’s value is 1. A hand which the Ace card is counted as 11 is called a “Soft Hand” this is because the card doesn’t get busted if the player has drawn another card.

The goal of the players is to beat the dealer’s hand, but drawing higher un-busted cards. If the player got busted, he loses the game / round. If the player and the dealer have the same Hand (same card points) which in Blackjack it is called “Push” than each player has a chance to play against the dealer one on one (independent game).

So the dealer can loose a game to a player but still win over the other players in the table. The minimum bet of a Blackjack game is printed on the table, and it is different on each casino. Or even Blackjack table to other Blackjack table in the casino. The most minimum bet that is widely used is $5. After the bets are placed the dealer deals the cards (could be from one or two cards which is known as “pitch” game) or from a card deck (which includes one or more shuffled decks). The dealer gives each player two cards including himself. One card of the dealer is faced up so each one of the players can see the card and the other is faced down (in European Blackjack the faced down card is known as “hole card”, where the card is not actually dealt until the other players have played their cards) The cards are dealt face up if it is from a “shoe” or faced down if it is from a “pitch”.

A hand of 21 (Ace + Ten value card) is called “Blackjack” or sometimes called “natural” and you win right away. A player with natural cards gets paid with a ration of 3:2 to his bet (some casinos started paying 6:5 payout ratio). The game play goes as follows:

The dealer wins if he gets Blackjack and the player does not and the player looses.

The Player automatically wins if he gets Blackjack and the dealer doesn’t.

If the player and dealer have both Blackjack then it is a “Push”.

If none doesn’t have Blackjack than each player puts his hand on the table (one of a time).

When all of the players finished the dealer than plays his hand.

The player’s options of hands: Hit: Take a new card.

Stand: Do not take more cards.

Double Down: Take another card to increase the stakes of winning.

Split: Double wagering (if two of the cards are in the same value).

Surrender: give up the hand and give up half of the bet (usually no more in casinos now days). The Player’s game is finished when he decided on a stand, taking one or two cards, or busting. If the player busts than the player looses the bet even if the dealer busts as well. After the players finished with their bets and decision the dealer than reveals his cards and play the hand. Some casino rules say that the dealer must deal until he gets at least up to 17. Some casinos also decide that dealer’s cards must be at least 17 of a soft hand (ace + 6 card).


If the dealer’s faced up card is an Ace, than the player is suggested with the option of “insurance” before the dealer check out his “Hole card”. The player who decides to take this option can bet up to this original placement bet which is placed on a special place at the table that is dedicated for this bet where some times referred as “Insurance 2:1”. The player who put the insurance is betting that the dealer’s hand is a 10 value card (10, jack, queen and king), because if the dealer’s up hand is Ace, than it could be that the hole card is 10, which together is 21 which this bet than pays off 2:1.

Game Example:

If the player bets $10 and the cards are than dealt, the player’s hand is 19, and the dealer deals an Ace. Than the player takes insurance placing an additional bet of $5. The dealer than check his Hole card, and sees that his card is a 10 value card than the player looses his $10 of his Blackjack hand but he wins the insurance bet, so the player gets 2:1 of his $5, sop he gets $10. The player on the other way could win the game and loose the insurance.

Blackjack Strategies:

Usually in casino games there are house statistics and advantages over the players (which will probably loose if they keep playing for the long run). But because that the game of Blackjack has an option of choice players which can reduce the advantages of the casino’s strategy. Some rules:

Two card arepermitted to exchange except for a blackjack.

Doubles are permitted only after a split.

Easy Surrender the game (lose half of the bet)

Normal surrender.

Re-Split the Aces.

Draw more than one card against an ace split.

Five or more cards with the total or more than 21 is an automatic win.    The above strategies above are for the 6-8 deck, the keys are as followed:

S – Stand

H – Hit

D- Double

SP = SPlit

Rh = Surrender if allowed, otherwise Hit

Rs = Surrender if allowed, otherwise Stand

Rsp = Surrender if allowed, otherwise Split